Great Granny B

The true story of a woman of substance in the front line of war, immigration and public service.


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One of the first to serve with the Voluntary Aid Detachment during the Second World War, Helen witnessed life as an independent woman when many were questioning whether women belonged out of the house.  After the war, unsatisfied with the prospect of serving a husband and serving dinner, Helen Witt opted for life on the high seas as the first migrant welfare officer to be appointed after World War II. She was instrumental in traveling to distant lands as a Welfare Officer with Australian Immigration, helping to bring new Australians to the lucky country from all over the world.

Great Granny B is the touching and true story of Helen's love, adventure, humanity and her role in Australian history.  Recaptured through conversations and mail from Helen's travels abroad, the story crosses to Europe, Asia and Africa in the heady and war-torn days of the 1940s and the changing social values of the 1950s


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